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Spring Break 2023: Romalea microptera

Romalea microptera, the Eastern lubber grasshopper; Collier county, Florida (12 March 2023). Spring Break 2023 A small cluster (or “cloud”) of fairly young Eastern lubber grasshoppers forage about upon a tree at Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary. As they mature and age, these Lubber grasshoppers will… Continue Reading “Spring Break 2023: Romalea microptera”

Romalea microptera, 29 April 2020

Romalea microptera, the Eastern lubber grasshopper; Volusia county, Florida (29 April 2020). This is a nymph-stage Eastern lubber grasshopper. Though impressively large already, this nymphal grasshopper will grow a bit larger and take on a more yellow-and-red appearance in its adult form. Lubbers can… Continue Reading “Romalea microptera, 29 April 2020”

Romalea microptera, 10 June 2016

Romalea microptera, the Eastern lubber grasshoopper; Collier county, Florida (10 June 2016). The foil to many home horticulturists, the Eastern lubber grasshopper is a very large species that carries with it an equally large diet. The species can do quite a bit of damage… Continue Reading “Romalea microptera, 10 June 2016”