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Plestiodon laticeps, 09 April 2013

Plestiodon laticeps, the Broad-headed skink; Lowndes county, Georgia (09 April 2013). Chomp. Broad-headed skinks are, predictably and understandably, not fans of being plucked from their turf. In this case, said turf was a trashcan on the Valdosta State University campus. Hopefully the skink eventually… Continue Reading “Plestiodon laticeps, 09 April 2013”

Plestiodon laticeps, 13 April 2023

Plestiodon laticeps, the Broadhead skink; Volusia county, Florida (13 April 2023). Here’s a little big one. This is a fairly large Broadhead skink, Plestiodon laticeps. I saw two of them in relative close proximity to one another enjoying the morning sun. Couldn’t quite get… Continue Reading “Plestiodon laticeps, 13 April 2023”