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Iguana iguana, 18 March 2017

Iguana iguana, the Green iguana; Miami-Dade county, Florida (18 March 2017). The best kind of green is the green of a juvenile Green iguana chilling out in a thick tangle of greenery. What a sight. This little one was photographed on the edge of… Continue Reading “Iguana iguana, 18 March 2017”

Iguana iguana, 10 July 2011

Iguana iguana, the Green iguana; Monroe county, Florida (10 July 2011). A non-native species now well-established throughout south Florida, the Green iguana is considered a nuisance by many because they can do some serious damage to the best laid residential landscaping plans… Still, when… Continue Reading “Iguana iguana, 10 July 2011”