Tag: Hyla femoralis

Hyla femoralis, 16 March 2016

Hyla femoralis, the Pine woods treefrog; Volusia county, Florida (16 March 2016). In my stretch of Florida, you’re far more likely to hear the Pine woods treefrog than you are to actually see one. They spend much of their time fairly high up, well… Continue Reading “Hyla femoralis, 16 March 2016”

Hyla femoralis, 21 May 2022

Hyla femoralis, the Pinewoods treefrog; Volusia county, Florida (21 May 2022). Where I live, you hear Pinewoods treefrogs far more than you actually see them. They tend to stay a bit higher in the trees but do occasionally come down to lower terrain. Last… Continue Reading “Hyla femoralis, 21 May 2022”