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Dorian 2019: Ormond-by-the-Sea, Wednesday the 4th

I wasn’t quite able to get update photos at North Peninsula State Park, but I did manage to swing by a nearby beach in Ormond-by-the-Sea a few miles to the south. These images were taken shortly before 11am, or so, as Dorian was churning… Continue Reading “Dorian 2019: Ormond-by-the-Sea, Wednesday the 4th”

Dorian 2019: Tomoka Marsh, 04 September

Tomoka Marsh at Bulow Creek was, predictably, a bit inundated by water earlier today. This is par for course whenever we have tropical storm action in Ormond Beach, Florida. What’s interesting, and what I need to check out further, is that I don’t think… Continue Reading “Dorian 2019: Tomoka Marsh, 04 September”

Dorian 2019: Wednesday Morning

With the eye passing well offshore of Ormond Beach, Florida, we’re in no position to complain about anything. I’m not sure how the coastline faired with erosion and tidal surge, but it seems my neighborhood pretty much slipped through this largely unscathed. We had… Continue Reading “Dorian 2019: Wednesday Morning”

Dorian 2019: No More Waiting in Ormond Beach

The lead photograph was taken at about 7:37 pm this evening in Ormond Beach, just as the sun was calling it a day. Now, an hour later, Hurricane Dorian’s main spiral rainbands have arrived. It’s pouring rain outside; I included a screenshot of the… Continue Reading “Dorian 2019: No More Waiting in Ormond Beach”

Dorian 2019: Tomoka Marsh on Tuesday the 3rd

Shortly before I caught the outer spiral rainband at North Peninsula State Park (as documented in the previous post), I swung by a favorite stretch of salt marsh along the Tomoka Basin and Bulow Creek State Park to check out any potential flooding. This… Continue Reading “Dorian 2019: Tomoka Marsh on Tuesday the 3rd”

Dorian 2019: North Peninsula State Park on Tuesday the 3rd

In Volusia county, we are now in the midst of Dorian’s intermittent outer spiral rainbands — the elongated thunderstorm lines that rotate around the hurricane itself. These rainbands can carry with them heavy precipitation and wind — plenty of energy. On the outskirts of a… Continue Reading “Dorian 2019: North Peninsula State Park on Tuesday the 3rd”

Dorian 2019: Ormond Beach on Monday the 2nd

Andy Romano Beachfront Park in Ormond Beach; Volusia county, Florida (02 September 2019). Photographs taken in the a.m. hours of September 2nd at Andy Romano Beachfront Park in Ormond Beach, Florida — just north of Daytona Beach proper. The tide was approaching high. Mostly… Continue Reading “Dorian 2019: Ormond Beach on Monday the 2nd”

Dorian 2019: All Eyes Watching God

Dorian as a Cat. 5 moving over the Bahamas and towards Florida. Awe inspiring. The eye is nearly the size of Okeechobee. Tempted to re-read (again) the hurricane account in Zora Neale Hurston’s Their Eyes Were Watching God (1939).

Dorian 2019: The Calm Before the Surge

North Peninsula State Park; Volusia county, Florida (31 August 2019). Though we likely won’t take a direct hit from the heart of Dorian’s vanity, we’ll still snag some impressive tidal surge action along our coastlines in a few days — coastlines that are already… Continue Reading “Dorian 2019: The Calm Before the Surge”