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Spring Break 2023: Hemidactylus garnotii

Hemidactylus garnotii, the Indo-Pacific house gecko; Monroe county, Florida (13 March 2023).Spring Break 2023 My first post-sunset herp for the night was none other than the Indo-Pacific house gecko, yet another non-native species introduced to and flourishing within the Florida peninsula. I’m used to… Continue Reading “Spring Break 2023: Hemidactylus garnotii”

Hemidactylus garnotii, 22 February 2015

Hemidactylus garnotii, the Indo-Pacific gecko; Lake county, Florida (22 February 2015). A fantastic and vivid (as usual) Indo-Pacific gecko photographed in Lake county, Florida. Of all of Florida’s non-native, introduced gecko species, Hemidactylus garnotii may be my favorite (with all due respect, H. turcicus).… Continue Reading “Hemidactylus garnotii, 22 February 2015”

Hemidactylus garnotii, 11 August 2013

Hemidactylus garnotii, the Indo-Pacific gecko; Volusia county, Florida (11 August 2013). Native to the Indo-Tropics (as its common name might suggest), H. garnotii is now well-established throughout much of the Floridian peninsula along with numerous other pockets around the world. This species is entirely… Continue Reading “Hemidactylus garnotii, 11 August 2013”