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Gopherus polyphemus, 11 December 2022

Gopherus polyphemus, the Gopher tortoise; Lake county, Florida (11 December 2022). This super young Gopher tortoise was loitering around a bit too close to a pool, so it was gently taken to the other side of the fence where the sandy dunes and nearby… Continue Reading “Gopherus polyphemus, 11 December 2022”

Gopherus polyphemus, 18 June 2022

Gopherus polyphemus, the Gopher tortoise; Volusia county, Florida (18 June 2022). One of Florida’s most precious species, this is the Gopher tortoise, a mid-sized tortoise that struts and burrows about our xeric habits — be they interior sandy ridges or coastal dunes. In short,… Continue Reading “Gopherus polyphemus, 18 June 2022”