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Diadophis punctatus punctatus, 11 December 2022

Diadophis punctatus punctatus, the Southern ringneck; Lake county, Florida (11 December 2022). I must admit I revel when encountering a wee Southern ringneck. This tiny species is quite abundant throughout central Florida (and elsewhere). They’re also quite reclusive and well-hidden, so I suspect most… Continue Reading “Diadophis punctatus punctatus, 11 December 2022”

Diadophis punctatus punctatus, 29 March 2014

Diadophis punctatus punctatus, the Southern ringneck snake; Lake county, Florida (29 March 2014). The Southern ringneck is a small, stealthy, most-subterranean subspecies fairly abundant in the American southeast, especially in Florida. They spend most of their time buried somewhat beneath surface detritus but can… Continue Reading “Diadophis punctatus punctatus, 29 March 2014”