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Crocodylus acutus, 21 March 2015

Crocodylus acutus, the American crocodile; Miami-Dade county, Florida (21 March 2015). This was one of the resident American crocodiles often seen near Flamingo at the southern tip of Main Park Road in Everglades National Park. There’s often a group of American crocodiles that loiter… Continue Reading “Crocodylus acutus, 21 March 2015”

Crocodylus acutus, 12 March 2021

Crocodylus acutus, the American crocodile. Monroe county, Florida (12 March 2021). Though surprising to some, Florida is home to two native crocodilian species. In addition to the more-famous American alligator, south Florida is also home to the American crocodile, Crocodylus acutus. A large but… Continue Reading “Crocodylus acutus, 12 March 2021”