Tag: Anthropocene

The University of Alaska Anchorage, 14 April 2010

University of Alaska Anchorage; Anchorage, Alaska (14 April 2010). Alaska was a place both strange and magical. Truly, this is one of the most Alaskan shots I took of cultural life in Alaska (that doesn’t involve moose). Alaskans certainly did like their guns. In… Continue Reading “The University of Alaska Anchorage, 14 April 2010”

Daytona Beach, 04 October 1998

Daytona Beach; Volusia county, Florida (04 October 1998). Flashback to Daytona Beach in October of 1998. The old pier still remains, mostly, as do the cars on the beach (though they’ve gradually been updated over the years).

Potbelly’s of Tallahassee, Spring 1998

Potbelly’s of Tallahassee; Leon county, Florida (Spring 1998). Here’s a slice of the Anthropocene of the late 20th century. This is a shot taken in front of Potbelly’s on College Avenue in Tallahassee, Florida. Potbelly’s opened up in 1994 when I was an undergraduate… Continue Reading “Potbelly’s of Tallahassee, Spring 1998”

Captain Tony’s Saloon, 05 August 2017

Captain Tony’s Saloon in Key West; Monroe county, Florida (05 August 2017). If you ever find yourself in Key West, Florida, I recommend swinging by Captain Tony’s Saloon. While the address (428 Greene Street) dates back to the 1850s, it was in 1933 that… Continue Reading “Captain Tony’s Saloon, 05 August 2017”