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About & Contact:

About & Contact provides a bit of background context to this site and its author. If you have any questions about this site, its author, or its subject matter, or if you’d like to support this site with a donation, please don’t hesitate to donate or simply send me a message using the form included on the About & Contact page.


Every now and then, I wrassle up a little one-sheet infographic to share via social media. Here are the current infographic flyers currently posted on Floridensis:

Audio Field Recordings:

Audio Field Recordings features various audio field recordings I’ve collected over the years. Field recordings are posted in reverse chronological order and are clearly labelled by subject, region, and date. Audio passages are streamable from within the browser.

Anolis Lizards:

Anolis Lizards features information and photographs of Florida’s remarkable array of Anolis lizards, native and non-native alike.

Nerodia Watersnakes:

Nerodia Watersnakes features information and photographs of North American watersnakes. Most images and information are related to Floridian species, but I do also cover some species found outside of Florida.

Canning the Folk:

Canning the Folk, a currently-developing project, will essentially be an updated version of my Masters thesis converted into a multimodal format. Once completed (late summer or fall 2020), the thesis will be supported by embedded and referenced 1930s audio recordings as well as illustrative contemporary photography. Canning the Folk¬†focuses on Zora Neale Hurston and the Florida Federal Writers Project’s representation of Floridian folklore in both text and in geography.

Bradford Torrey’s Florida:

Bradford Torrey’s Florida is an illustrative representation of Torrey’s 1895 travelogue, A Florida Sketchbook., a zealous, naturalistic travelogue depicting the author’s travels through late 19th century Florida.¬†For this project, which is currently in development, I’m adding contemporary photography to illustrate the places and organisms Torrey describes in his original text.

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