Ormond Beach, Florida

Ormond Beach is my hometown; the town is situated near the northeastern corner of Volusia county — a bit south of the Flagler county line and along the edge of the Atlantic Ocean. I experienced much of my childhood in and around Ormond Beach, swashbuckling around the Tomoka River, pirating along our sandy beaches, and losing myself among the tangles of palms, pines, and oaks trees. For me, Bulow Creek State Park (along with its surrounding parks/habitats) is my home territory. It’s where my heart feels most at ease and synchronized with the world around me. In August of 2013, after a few decades of gallivanting about Oklahoma, Alaska, Georgia, and other parts of Florida, I finally returned home. This is where I live today. Learn more about the History of Ormond Beach.

This perpetually-updating gallery will feature photographs taken in and in the immediate vicinity of Ormond Beach, Florida. This includes Daytona Beach to the immediate south, Tiger Bay State Forest to the immediate west, and southern Flagler county to the north. For a slightly broader view of my home territory, you can also check out the Volusia county category feed on Floridensis. I hope you enjoy these views and experiences of my home territory; I know I have.

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