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Pantherophis alleghaniensis, 27 June 2022

Pantherophis alleghaniensis, the Eastern (yellow) rat snake; Lake county, Florida (27 June 2022). The Yellow rat snake, as it’s often referred to locally, was one of my childhood favorites. I still adore them, of course. Large, arboreal, and fairly shy, Yellow rat snakes can… Continue Reading “Pantherophis alleghaniensis, 27 June 2022”

Storeria victa, 22 February 2015

Storeria victa, the Florida brown snake; Lake county, Florida (22 February 2015). The Florida brown snake is common, harmless, and wicked small. They spend most of their time fairly well hidden under surface detritus and within loose soils. Given their habitat preference, it makes… Continue Reading “Storeria victa, 22 February 2015”

Plestiodon inexpectatus, 16 May 2015

Plestiodon inexpectatus, the Southeastern five-lined skink; Lake county, Florida (16 May 2015). Ah, yes, our beloved Southeastern five-lined skink. In central Florida, this is our dominant, most commonly observed skink species. Fairly small and quite slinky, I often find these scrambling and scurrying about… Continue Reading “Plestiodon inexpectatus, 16 May 2015”

Gymnetis thula, 27 April 2013

Gymnetis thula, the Harlequin flower beetle; Lake county, Florida (27 April 2013). A fabulously strange and ornate Harlequin flower beetle loitering abut the interior of Lake county, Florida. In the United States, this species appears to mostly be limited to Florida, Louisiana and Texas.… Continue Reading “Gymnetis thula, 27 April 2013”

Egretta tricolor, 18 August 2006

Egretta tricolor, the Tricolored heron; Lake county, Florida (18 August 2006). Who doesn’t love a nice Tricolored heron? This species is very abundant in Florida but probably less noticed and recognized than their bigger, louder Great blue heron and Great egret cousins. This Tricolored… Continue Reading “Egretta tricolor, 18 August 2006”

Gopherus polyphemus, 11 December 2022

Gopherus polyphemus, the Gopher tortoise; Lake county, Florida (11 December 2022). This super young Gopher tortoise was loitering around a bit too close to a pool, so it was gently taken to the other side of the fence where the sandy dunes and nearby… Continue Reading “Gopherus polyphemus, 11 December 2022”

Nerodia floridana, 07 May 2017

Nerodia floridana, the Florida green watersnake; Lake county, Florida (07 May 2017). When it comes to Florida green watersnakes in my hands, the only thing better than catching a nice, healthy adult for photographs is catching two of them at the same time. I… Continue Reading “Nerodia floridana, 07 May 2017”

Hyla squirella, 01 June 2004

Hyla squirella, the Squirrel treefrog; Lake county, Florida (01 June 2004). This is an extremely old photo taken with my first digital camera. This is a Squirrel treefrog, a very common species that is extremely variable in appearance. A general rule of thumb for… Continue Reading “Hyla squirella, 01 June 2004”

Acanthocephala declivis, 19 June 2022

Acanthocephala declivis, the Giant leaf-footed bug; Lake county, Florida (19 June 2022). The Giant leaf-footed bug is another seemingly scary big bug many believe to be dangerous to humans but, in fact, is not. This is no assassin bug, despite its fearsome appearance. As… Continue Reading “Acanthocephala declivis, 19 June 2022”

Anhinga anhinga, 29 February 2020

Anhinga anhinga, the Anhinga; Lake county, Florida (29 February 2020). The Anhinga is a regional favorite for me. Though I may be into scales a bit more than proper feathers, Anhingas truly are terrific. They’re fantastic swimmers and carry the nickname the “snakebird.” Once… Continue Reading “Anhinga anhinga, 29 February 2020”

Thamnophis saurita sackenii, 19 January 2017

Thamnophis saurita sackenii, the Peninsula ribbon snake; Lake county, Florida (19 January 2017). Peninsula ribbon snakes are closely related to the more commonly recognized garter snakes. Ribbons tend to be a bit thinner and, well, ribbon-like. I tend to find them very close to… Continue Reading “Thamnophis saurita sackenii, 19 January 2017”

Heteropoda venatoria, 27 June 2014

Heteropoda venatoria, the Pantropical huntsman spider; Lake county, Florida (27 June 2014). The Pantropical huntsman spider is, at this point, a global species. Perhaps native to southeastern Asia (I’m not entirely sure), it’s now very well established throughout most of the Floridian peninsula. This… Continue Reading “Heteropoda venatoria, 27 June 2014”

Cemophora coccinea coccinea, 18 April 2015

Cemophora coccinea coccinea, the Florida scarlet snake; Lake county, Florida (18 April 2015). The Florida scarlet snake is a non-venomous subspecies ranging throughout the peninsula. Though they are often misidentified as being venomous coral snakes, a closer look at the head will reveal a… Continue Reading “Cemophora coccinea coccinea, 18 April 2015”

Egretta tricolor, 27 June 2022

Egretta tricolor, the Tricolored heron; Lake county, Florida (27 June 2022). The Tricolored heron is an overly abundant, energetic species throughout the whole of the Floridian peninsula and beyond. We’ll often see them loitering about the shorelines of our creeks, rivers, lakes, and, on… Continue Reading “Egretta tricolor, 27 June 2022”

Diadophis punctatus punctatus, 29 March 2014

Diadophis punctatus punctatus, the Southern ringneck snake; Lake county, Florida (29 March 2014). The Southern ringneck is a small, stealthy, most-subterranean subspecies fairly abundant in the American southeast, especially in Florida. They spend most of their time buried somewhat beneath surface detritus but can… Continue Reading “Diadophis punctatus punctatus, 29 March 2014”

Nerodia floridana, 20 June 2007

Nerodia floridana, the Florida green watersnake; Lake county, Florida (20 June 2007). The Florida green watersnake is a large, non-venomous, native species rather common throughout Florida’s freshwater habitats. It prefers to bask in grasses, reeds, and detritus matted up on open water surfaces. They’re… Continue Reading “Nerodia floridana, 20 June 2007”

Coluber constrictor priapus, 18 August 2006

Coluber contrictor priapus, the Southern black racer; Lake county, Florida (18 August 2006). Perhaps the GOAT so far as residential snakes in Florida are concerned. Southern black racers are adept at scratching out a living in the sprawling, winding neighborhoods of peninsular Florida. It’s… Continue Reading “Coluber constrictor priapus, 18 August 2006”

Eudocimus albus, 07 June 2013

Eudocimus albus, the American white ibis; Lake county, Florida (07 June 2013). What a fantastically awkward and magnificent species. If I had the creative skill needed, I’d do an edit of the kitchen scene in the first Jurassic Park movie with a couple of… Continue Reading “Eudocimus albus, 07 June 2013”

Anolis carolinensis, 03 March 2012

Anolis carolinensis, the Carolina green anole; Lake county, Florida (03 March 2012). A fiesty Carolina green anole, a male, fighting for territory. I watched this and another male battle each other for a bit, each fighting for prime real estate upon which to impress… Continue Reading “Anolis carolinensis, 03 March 2012”

Nerodia taxispilota, 06 June 2004

Nerodia taxispilota, the Brown watersnake; Lake county, Florida (06 June 2004). The Brown watersnake is the “most arboreal” non-venomous watersnake found in Florida; they often bask on limbs overhanging freshwater bodies of water. If you ever hear a story about a cottonmouth falling into… Continue Reading “Nerodia taxispilota, 06 June 2004”