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Hyla cinerea, 12 April 2014

Hyla cinerea, the American green treefrog; Gilchrist county, Florida (12 April 2014). With its bright yellow freckles in full bloom, this American green treefrog was pretty easy to spot from afar. This particular weekend in Gilchrist county was absolutely wild. I camped out there… Continue Reading “Hyla cinerea, 12 April 2014”

Hyla chrysoscelis, 12 April 2014

Hyla chrysoscelis, the Cope’s gray treefrog; Gilchrist county, Florida (12 April 2014). Cope’s gray treefrog doesn’t quite range to my neighborhood in Volusia County, but they’re quite abundant west and north of here. This splashy, noisy individual was photographed in Gilchrist county on a… Continue Reading “Hyla chrysoscelis, 12 April 2014”