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Potbelly’s of Tallahassee, Spring 1998

Potbelly’s of Tallahassee; Leon county, Florida (Spring 1998). Here’s a slice of the Anthropocene of the late 20th century. This is a shot taken in front of Potbelly’s on College Avenue in Tallahassee, Florida. Potbelly’s opened up in 1994 when I was an undergraduate… Continue Reading “Potbelly’s of Tallahassee, Spring 1998”

Homo sapiens vs. Gallus gallus domesticus, Fall 1993

Homo sapiens, FSU Police in this case, detaining Gallus gallus domesticus, the domestic chicken;Gilchrist Dorm, Florida State University; Leon county, Florida (Fall 1993). This was a wonderful observation. In my Fall 1993 semester at Florida State University, I was privileged to observe a fantastic… Continue Reading “Homo sapiens vs. Gallus gallus domesticus, Fall 1993”