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Lithobates sylvaticus, 10 August 2008

Lithobates sylvaticus, the Wood frog; Anchorage, Alaska (10 August 2008). Here’s my northernmost species of amphibian: A wood frog, Lithobates sylvaticus, photographed in an Anchorage municipal park. A few years later, I actually found one near Fairbanks, Alaska, even farther to the north, so… Continue Reading “Lithobates sylvaticus, 10 August 2008”

The University of Alaska Anchorage, 14 April 2010

University of Alaska Anchorage; Anchorage, Alaska (14 April 2010). Alaska was a place both strange and magical. Truly, this is one of the most Alaskan shots I took of cultural life in Alaska (that doesn’t involve moose). Alaskans certainly did like their guns. In… Continue Reading “The University of Alaska Anchorage, 14 April 2010”