Category: Mollusks

Pomacea maculata, 22 March 2015

Pomacea maculata, the Island apple snail; Collier county, Florida (22 March 2015). By the early 1990s or so, the Island apple snail, a species native to South America, gained traction in south Florida. It was most likely introduced via people dumping their aquarium contents… Continue Reading “Pomacea maculata, 22 March 2015”

Bulimulus guadalupensis, 27 November 2015

Bulimulus guadalupensis, the West Indian bulimulus; Monroe county, Florida (27 November 2015). The West Indian bulimulus is an air-breathing, terrestrial snail fairly well established throughout southern Florida and various stretches of the Caribbean (especially Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico). It’s fairly small and slow… Continue Reading “Bulimulus guadalupensis, 27 November 2015”

Nerita versicolor, 04 August 2017

Nerita versicolor, the Four-toothed nerite; Monroe county, Florida (04 August 2017). Whenever I camp in this Florida Keys, I can almost always count on spotting Four-toothed nerites clambering around the rocky shorelines at night. This species of sea snail forages about, often in groups,… Continue Reading “Nerita versicolor, 04 August 2017”

Acanthopleura granulata, 13 March 2021

Acanthopleura granulata, the West Indian fuzzy chiton. Monroe county, Florida (13 March 2021). While these may look sort of like fossils, these are living West Indian fuzzy chitons, a species of specialized mollusk that latches onto rocky surfaces and sports a mineralized outer shell.… Continue Reading “Acanthopleura granulata, 13 March 2021”

Zachrysia provisoria, 11 June 2016

Zachrysia provisoria, the Cuban brown snail; Monroe county, Florida (11 June 2016). The Cuban brown snail is a non-native terrestrial species that is now well-established in parts of Florida and many other pockets of the Western hemisphere. They can be potentially problematic for agricultural… Continue Reading “Zachrysia provisoria, 11 June 2016”

Melampus coffea, 21 March 2015

Melampus coffea, the Coffee bean snail; Miami-Dade county, Florida (21 March 2015). The Coffee bean snail… Perfect name for a horde of little snails clustering together like that. This walk of snails was photographed near the edge of a mangrove on the coastline at… Continue Reading “Melampus coffea, 21 March 2015”

Scyllaea pelagica, 20 May 2014

Scyllaea pelagica, the Sargassum nudibranch; Volusia county, Florida (20 May 2014). The Sargassum nudibranch is a small mollusk adapted to scratching out a living in floating mattes of Sargassum brown macroalgae. When sargassum washes up ashore, sometimes you can find a tiny nudibranch trying… Continue Reading “Scyllaea pelagica, 20 May 2014”

Orthalicus floridensis, 27 November 2015

Orthalicus floridensis, the Banded tree snail; Monroe county, Florida (27 November 2015). I came across this lovely Banded tree snail bunkered down along the edge of a path in the Big Cypress / Everglades region. If/when you do come across a dormant tree snail… Continue Reading “Orthalicus floridensis, 27 November 2015”

Oliva sayana, 20 May 2014

Oliva sayana, the Lettered olive; Volusia county, Florida (20 May 2014). A lovely, little gastropod of Family Olividae, the Lettered olive is a predatory sea snail. It can be found mucking about the saturated sands, especially when the water is low. During low tide,… Continue Reading “Oliva sayana, 20 May 2014”

Neverita duplicata, 23 May 2014

Neverita duplicata, the Shark eye sea snail; Volusia county, Florida (23 May 2014). Yeah, I have a favorite sea snail. It’s undoubtedly this one, the Shark eye sea snail. It’s an awesome mollusk with an awesome paint job and an awesome common name. Hell,… Continue Reading “Neverita duplicata, 23 May 2014”