Category: Primates

Homo sapiens (Bono vox), 16 November 2005

Homo sapiens, the Modern human (Bono of U2, live in Tampa); Hillsborough county, Florida (16 November 2005). Bono vox is a fairly small yet larger-than-life representative of Homo sapiens, commonly referred to as the Modern human. Though extraordinarily destructive and prone to self-annihilation, occasionally… Continue Reading “Homo sapiens (Bono vox), 16 November 2005”

Homo sapiens vs. Gallus gallus domesticus, Fall 1993

Homo sapiens, FSU Police in this case, detaining Gallus gallus domesticus, the domestic chicken;Gilchrist Dorm, Florida State University; Leon county, Florida (Fall 1993). This was a wonderful observation. In my Fall 1993 semester at Florida State University, I was privileged to observe a fantastic… Continue Reading “Homo sapiens vs. Gallus gallus domesticus, Fall 1993”

Homo sapiens, 09 July 2011

Homo sapiens, the Modern human; Monroe county, Florida (09 July 2011, 8:17am). It seems only appropriate to represent my own species, Homo sapiens. Here, then, is a Modern human resting on a Key West sidewalk at 8:17 am, dollar bills very much still at… Continue Reading “Homo sapiens, 09 July 2011”