Category: Coleopterans

Spring Break 2023: Dineutus carolinus

Dineutus carolinus, the Whirlgig beetle; (Tentative Identification)Collier county, Florida (12 March 2023). Spring Break 2023 This identification is a bit of a guess at the specie level. Honestly, I don’t know Dineutus whirligig beetles all that well, and I didn’t exactly get super close… Continue Reading “Spring Break 2023: Dineutus carolinus”

Pelidnota punctata, 19 June 2013

Pelidnota punctata, the Grapevine beetle; Lowndes county, Georgia (19 June 2013). If you live in the eastern U.S. and have never had one of these fly/crash into your face on a summer evening, you’re probably in the minority. At least it feels that way.… Continue Reading “Pelidnota punctata, 19 June 2013”

Alaus myops, 17 May 2015

Alaus myops, the Small-eyed click beetle; Volusia county, Florida (17 May 2015). Here’s a chunky little brick of a beetle. This is a Small-eyed click beetle, one of two very similar click beetles we have roaming and clicking about our stretch of central Florida… Continue Reading “Alaus myops, 17 May 2015”

Gymnetis thula, 27 April 2013

Gymnetis thula, the Harlequin flower beetle; Lake county, Florida (27 April 2013). A fabulously strange and ornate Harlequin flower beetle loitering abut the interior of Lake county, Florida. In the United States, this species appears to mostly be limited to Florida, Louisiana and Texas.… Continue Reading “Gymnetis thula, 27 April 2013”

Eburia quadrigeminata, 30 May 2015

Eburia quadrigeminata, the Ivory-marked borer; Volusia county, Florida (30 May 2015). Fairly common in my neck of the woods, the Ivory-marked borer can often be seen hanging on to the edges of exterior windows, as this one was (the photo is rotated 90 degrees).… Continue Reading “Eburia quadrigeminata, 30 May 2015”

Enaphalodes rufulus, 26 May 2020

Enaphalodes rufulus, the Red oak boarer; Volusia county, Florida (26 May 2020). As the relaunch of Floridensis pushes forward, it’s time for our first Coleopteran beetle post. Here, then, is a fairly lovely Red oak boarer hanging out on our Ormond Beach back patio… Continue Reading “Enaphalodes rufulus, 26 May 2020”