Category: Fungi

Cyathus striatus, 15 July 2013

Cyathus striatus, the Fluted bird’s nest fungus; Lowndes county, Georgia (15 July 2013). In Valdosta, for a time we had a fantastic cluster of Fluted bird’s nest fungi on the edge of our front patio. I could look at these for hours. In fact,… Continue Reading “Cyathus striatus, 15 July 2013”

Ganoderma zonatum, 29 December 2014

Ganoderma zonatum, the Zonatum bracket fungi; Volusia county, Florida (29 December 2014). One fun thing about rebooting Floridensis is launching into a new clade for the site. With the arrival of summer (and our seasonal rains) in real time, I’m getting a hankering for… Continue Reading “Ganoderma zonatum, 29 December 2014”

Herpothallon rubrocinctum, 15 April 2023

Herpothallon rubrocinctum, the Christmas lichen; Volusia county, Florida (15 April 2023). Though far from being uncommon, I always delight when I come across a nice patch of Christmas lichen. I have no idea why Christmas lichen adapted its red-and-white patterning (biochemistry aside), but it… Continue Reading “Herpothallon rubrocinctum, 15 April 2023”

Spring Break 2023: Herpothallon rubrocinctum

Herpothallon rubrocinctum, the Christmas lichen; Collier county, Florida (12 March 2023). Spring Break 2023 The so-called Christmas lichen is an abundant (and always obvious) species of fungal lichen throughout the Florida peninsula. The red tones you see in this photo can sometimes appear nearly… Continue Reading “Spring Break 2023: Herpothallon rubrocinctum”

Russula rosacea, 02 January 2023

Russula rosacea, the Blood red russula; Volusia county, Florida (02 January 2023). Consider this one tentatively identified. I’m pretty sure this is a Blood red russula, but I’m still fishing for some confirmation from the mycology corners of my social networks. Whatever it was,… Continue Reading “Russula rosacea, 02 January 2023”

Ophiocordyceps humbertii and Mischocyttarus mexicanus cubicola, 20 September 2015

Ophiocordyceps humbertii, a parasitic fungi, and Mischocyttarus mexicanus cubicola, a Neotropical paper wasp; Volusia county, Florida (20 September 2015). This was a fairly cool encounter. What you see here is a now-deceased pseudo-“zombified” Neotropical paper wasp enraptured by a parasitic fungus, most likely Ophiocordyceps… Continue Reading “Ophiocordyceps humbertii and Mischocyttarus mexicanus cubicola, 20 September 2015”