Category: Crustaceans

Petrolisthes armatus, 01 July 2019

Petrolisthes armatus, the Green porcelain crab; Flagler county, Florida (01 July 2019). Though they do have a considerable range, I’ve only encountered the Green porcelain crab along the rocky beaches of Flagler county, Florida. So far, at least. The Green porcelain crab is actually… Continue Reading “Petrolisthes armatus, 01 July 2019”

Menippe nodifrons, 20 January 2020

Menippe nodifrons, the Cuban stone crab; Volusia county, Florida (20 January 2020). The Cuban stone crab ranges across Florida’s east coast from around Key Largo north to St. Augustine. This is a fairly small, squat individual spotted along the Ormond Beach shoreline.

Leptuca thayeri, 07 August 2019

Leptuca thayeri, the Atlantic mangrove fiddler crab; Volusia county, Florida (07 August 2019). The Atlantic mangrove fiddler crab is just what its common name indicates: A fiddler crab species that likes to hang out in muddy mangrove-laden areas of Florida’s Atlantic coast. I don’t… Continue Reading “Leptuca thayeri, 07 August 2019”

Leptuca pugilator, 24 May 2019

Leptuca pugilator, the Atlantic sand fiddler crab; Brevard county, Florida (24 May 2019). I do adore the diminutive and shy Atlantic sand fiddler crab. These tiny crabs can be seen en masse trolling about the muddy banks of our salt marshes. When you see… Continue Reading “Leptuca pugilator, 24 May 2019”

Grapsus grapsus, 05 July 2011

Grapsus grapsus, the Sally lightfoot crab; Monroe county, Florida (05 July 2011). I had a devil of a time resolving the identification to this crab, but the consensus on iNaturalist settled on the Sally lightfoot crab, Grapsus grapsus. So be it! Anyhow, this crab… Continue Reading “Grapsus grapsus, 05 July 2011”

Aratus pisonii, 27 December 2013

Aratus pisonii, the Mangrove tree crab; Miami-Dade county, Florida (27 December 2013). I came across this wee Mangrove tree crab, one of many, scampering about the lush, salty edge of Coral Gables, Florida. This species scratches out its living among the coastal mangrove tangles… Continue Reading “Aratus pisonii, 27 December 2013”

Cardisoma guanhumi, 02 September 2011

Cardisoma guanhumi, the Blue land crab; Miami-Dade county, Florida (02 September 2011). In the Miami area, everybody’s going to the club in one way or another. This is the Giant land crab, also known as the Blue land crab. This particular individual is leaning… Continue Reading “Cardisoma guanhumi, 02 September 2011”

Pachygrapsus transversus, 01 July 2019

Pachygrapsus transversus, the Mottled shore crab; Flagler county, Florida (01 July 2019). The Mottled shore crab isn’t one of our most-commonly-observed local crustaceans, but I find them an absolute delight whenever I do manage to spot them — which tends to only be along… Continue Reading “Pachygrapsus transversus, 01 July 2019”