Category: Hylidae

Osteopilus septentrionalis, 06 September 2006

Osteopilus septentrionalis, the Cuban treefrog; Seminole county, Florida (06 September 2006). Here’s a fairly old shot. By now, this non-native and invasive Cuban treefrog has likely rocked and rolled its way through life, from the treefrog cradle to the grave. Along the way, it… Continue Reading “Osteopilus septentrionalis, 06 September 2006”

Hyla squirella, 11 June 2016

Hyla squirella, the Squirrel treefrog; Monroe county, Florida (11 June 2016). Ah, yes, the Squirrel treefrog. This is the jack-of-all-trades of our local, native treefrog populations. You can find them pretty much anywhere and damn near any circumstances, in my experience. Extremely variable in… Continue Reading “Hyla squirella, 11 June 2016”

Hyla cinerea, 12 April 2014

Hyla cinerea, the American green treefrog; Gilchrist county, Florida (12 April 2014). With its bright yellow freckles in full bloom, this American green treefrog was pretty easy to spot from afar. This particular weekend in Gilchrist county was absolutely wild. I camped out there… Continue Reading “Hyla cinerea, 12 April 2014”

Hyla squirella, 01 June 2004

Hyla squirella, the Squirrel treefrog; Lake county, Florida (01 June 2004). This is an extremely old photo taken with my first digital camera. This is a Squirrel treefrog, a very common species that is extremely variable in appearance. A general rule of thumb for… Continue Reading “Hyla squirella, 01 June 2004”

Hyla femoralis, 21 May 2022

Hyla femoralis, the Pinewoods treefrog; Volusia county, Florida (21 May 2022). Where I live, you hear Pinewoods treefrogs far more than you actually see them. They tend to stay a bit higher in the trees but do occasionally come down to lower terrain. Last… Continue Reading “Hyla femoralis, 21 May 2022”

Hyla chrysoscelis, 12 April 2014

Hyla chrysoscelis, the Cope’s gray treefrog; Gilchrist county, Florida (12 April 2014). Cope’s gray treefrog doesn’t quite range to my neighborhood in Volusia County, but they’re quite abundant west and north of here. This splashy, noisy individual was photographed in Gilchrist county on a… Continue Reading “Hyla chrysoscelis, 12 April 2014”

Hyla cinerea, 06 June 2022

Hyla cinerea, the American green treefrog; Volusia county, Florida (06 June 2022). A bit of Kermit action with this one, right? This is a fairly classic American green treefrog hanging out one night in Ormond Beach, Florida. I don’t encounter this species as much… Continue Reading “Hyla cinerea, 06 June 2022”