Athabasca Glacier Informational Placard, 05 June 2011

Informational Placard at Athabasca Glacier
Alberta, Canada (05 June 2011).
AK2FL (Mile 2305)

A part of the Columbia Icefield in the Canadian Rockies, Athabasca Glacier serves as a powerful exemplar of Canadian landscapes along the edge of British Columbia and Alberta. Situated just to the west of the Icefields Parkway, Athabasca Glacier is a popular tourist stop. Many travelers from around the globe park nearby and hike up the leading edge of the glacier. Guided tours are available for those more prone to explore safely. Over the years, a number of tourists have died by slipping into otherwise-hidden crevasses. This placard is an attempt warn parents to keep an eye out for their kids. Glaciers are active systems, and it only takes a few haphazard missteps to end up on the wrong side of gravity and inertia.

Featured below is a shot of Athabasca Glacier itself.

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