Actias luna, 07 September 2015

Actias luna, the Luna moth;
Volusia county, Florida (07 September 2015).

From what I can gather, the Luna Moth is a favorite among many moth enthusiasts (and, yes, there are moth enthusiasts). I’m not sure I consider them one of my favorites, though — with all due respect. I think that’s probably because I only see them as they’re dying. Seriously, Luna moths only have about a week-long lifespan in their adult form. They don’t really even have a functioning mouth. Their short adulthood is pretty much focused on two things: Mating and dying. Thus, whenever I see an adult Luna Moth, I’m pretty much seeing a short burst of sex followed by a quick death. Kind of morose. They are lovely though, right? As for this one, I hope it made its week count because it was clearly knocking on death’s door — sluggish and seemingly defeated by the weight of a week’s worth of time.

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