Bard Peak and Portage Lake (Alaska), 01 May 2010

Bard Peak and Portage Lake;
Chugach National Forest, Alaska (01 May 2010).

How about a radical dip to the west and way, way up north? This is Bard Peak overlooking Portage Lake in south central Alaska. From 2007 through 2011, I was fortunate enough to get to live and work in Anchorage, Alaska. This entire region is a veritable playground for any outdoors enthusiast, and Portage Valley (home to this peak and lake) was one of my favorite outdoor retreats. Though Floridensis primarily focuses on wildlife in the American southeast, photos from Alaska (and other stretches of North America) will indeed show up from time to time! The southeast may be my home, but all of North American is rich to explore.

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