Saururus cernuus, 02 April 2023

Saururus cernuus, the Lizard’s tail;
Volusia county, Florida (02 April 2023).

I’m trying to gradually make myself a bit less ignorant when it comes to our local plant life. For the most part, I’m woefully clueless of plant biodiversity. Sure, I know some palms and oaks, but when it comes to the rest of the tangled mess we all live within, I rarely know my up from down. It’s a weakness in my local knowledge. I’ve started trying to find and identify one or two mystery plants when hiking around. In this case, it was the excellently-named Lizard’s tail. With a name like that, you’d think I would’ve figured it out as a kid! Good to meet you, Saururus cernuus.

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