Plantation Oaks Fire Aftermath, 22 March 2023

Plantation Oaks Fire Aftermath;
Volusia county, Florida (22 March 2023).
iPhone Snapshots

Drifting back into the post-Spring Break phase of existence, we were treated with a lovely, vivid wildfire in our corner of town. Fortunately, the fire was contained and didn’t spread throughout the vast network of palm and pine forest (or our neighborhood or Bulow Creek State Park). Things were terribly dry back in March, and fire was a real concern to many across the peninsula. Still, fire is a natural occurrence and, in reality, quite important to long term habitat stability throughout the Florida peninsula. The state’s improved its fire management enormously since the catastrophic summer of 1998 (when nearly every county in peninsular Florida was on fire except for Monroe). I get anxious when fires break out during a dry run. 1998 is hard to forget.

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