Spring Break 2023: Celithemis eponina

Celithemis eponina, the Halloween pennant;
Miami-Dade county, Florida (14 March 2023).
Spring Break 2023

Alas, we come to our final shot for the Spring Break 2023 bioblitz roadtrip. After failing miserably at photographing a number of Halloween pennants earlier that day, I was overjoyed to come across this one resting at night. I have a long history of snagging unfocused shots of this species, but my losing streak was finally broken this night. It feels just that the Halloween pennant was my final shot for the trip!

After this shot, I eventually made my way to camp, crashed hard, and woke up early the next morning. With grey, windy skies, I decided to pack up and head home. Though I’d intended to cruise about the northern Keys the next day (before heading home), the weather most certainly wasn’t with me. Fair enough. That’s how March rolls in south Florida, and I’d seen enough to fill my tank for a bit.

And now? New resume to the standard Floridensis photoroll. Spring Break 2023 is now (finally) over!

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