Spring Break 2023: Barron River Canal

Barron River Canal Corridor;
Collier county, Florida (12 March 2023).
Spring Break 2023

My next stop was Barron River Canal along the edge of State Road 29 south of Immokalee and north of Everglades City in Collier county, Florida. Originally a dredge canal from the old railroad line that used to follow the path of what is now SR 29, today Barron River Canal supports a healthy abundance of biodiversity. Much of south Florida is like this; the landscape has largely been terraformed (and, more to the point, aquaformed), and not much of it is untouched by human development. Some of these artificial features, such as the Barron River Canal corridor, are utilized by wildlife (native and non-native alike) to their benefit. Still, the constant zipping of vehicles passing by on SR 29 claims the lives of wildlife daily. Indeed, wildlife in south Florida must scratch out a living while always on the edge of human-driven danger.

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