Pseudacris crucifer, 12 February 2013

Pseudacris crucifer, the Spring peeper;
Lowndes county, Georgia (12 February 2013).

Who doesn’t love a peeper in the middle of the night? Let me rephrase that: Who doesn’t love to see a Spring peeper, a type of frog, in the middle of the night? Throughout much of their range, Spring peepers are among the first frogs to begin calling and, well, peeping throughout the night each year. They tend to perk up and peep out before spring has fully arrived and often well before other species are up for the annual dance of reproduction. As you might imagine, their call is a series of peep-peep-peep sounds. This individual was one of many Spring peepers that lives around a small pond at the front of our neighborhood in Valdosta, Georgia.

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