Homo sapiens vs. Gallus gallus domesticus, Fall 1993

Homo sapiens, FSU Police in this case,
detaining Gallus gallus domesticus, the domestic chicken;
Gilchrist Dorm, Florida State University; Leon county, Florida (Fall 1993).

This was a wonderful observation. In my Fall 1993 semester at Florida State University, I was privileged to observe a fantastic interaction between two species. Featured here are photographs of two Modern humans (Homo sapiens of the FSU PD clade) detaining and presumably arresting a Domestic chicken (Gallus gallus domesticus) in Gilchrist dormitory at Florida State University.

Apparently somebody brought the chicken into the dorm the night before. Perhaps they had been at a Rodeo party just off campus? And perhaps they had, at first, brought the chicken from the rodeo back to their dorm room (perhaps even Room 218?) only to kick it out around 3:30 am because they couldn’t sleep from all the clucking? And perhaps they woke up later that morning and opened the door to find the chicken still standing there, utterly perplexed, as two FSU police officers approached? And perhaps the officers then asked, “Is this your chicken?” Of course, the only reasonable response would’ve been, “Who’s chicken is that? Let me grab my early-90s camera.”

I’m not proud of all the things I did as an undergraduate student at Florida State University, but that Rodeo party really was quite wild.

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