Latrodectus geometricus, 21 June 2013

Latrodectus geometricus, the Brown widow;
Lowndes county, Georgia (21 June 2013).

Though they don’t carry quite the reputation as their Black widow relatives, Brown widows are adequately bad ass in their own right. They can also look very, very similar to one another, complete with the red hour glass iconography. One obvious difference, however, is in their egg sacs (not featured in this photo but will be in others later). Whereas Black widow’s egg sacs are fairly smooth, the Brown widow’s are quite spiky. I would frequently see the Brown widow’s spiked egg sacs in our Valdosta, Georgia, backyard during our two year romp there. We had tons of these spiders on our property, and they never caused us any trouble. Like most of nature, they were too busy going about the business of survival (and reproduction) to worry much about us.

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