Osteopilus septentrionalis, 06 September 2006

Osteopilus septentrionalis, the Cuban treefrog;
Seminole county, Florida (06 September 2006).

Here’s a fairly old shot. By now, this non-native and invasive Cuban treefrog has likely rocked and rolled its way through life, from the treefrog cradle to the grave. Along the way, it probably took down and consumed an impressive array of native treefrogs. Further, it likely helped further entrench the species in Florida through lots and lots of, you know, reproductive activities. Yeah, this species, the Cuban treefrog, is actually quite destructive to our local treefrog populations. It’s much larger than our native treefrogs and quite adaptable. Though impressive in their lifeskills and adaptive abilities, the Cuban treefrog is most certainly a problem throughout their expanded (and still expanding) range within the Florida peninsula. They’re extremely abundant these days where I live, which is bad news for all our native treefrogs.

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