Disney’s Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge, 14 September 2019

Disney Hollywood Studios, Galaxy’s Edge;
Orange county, Florida (14 September 2019).

To celebrate my birth month, my family decided to swing out to the edge of the Outer Rim —to a planet called Batuu— safely accessible from through the spaceport known as Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Heh.

Galaxy’s Edge in Orlando just opened last month. Despite its newness, however, the entire area is quite remarkable in feeling aged and lived-in. In all seriousness, I’ve never seen such incredibly immersive design in a theme park environment — in sight and in sound. Even though only one ride is open at this time, Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run (which we rode twice), damn near every square inch of Galaxy’s Edge feels kind of like a ride. The shops have animatronic characters within them while First Order and Resistance characters patrol the area, sometimes harassing visiting patrons in the most delightful ways.

Being a Star Wars fan since 1977, Galaxy’s Edge was very much a media-dream-come-true for me. For the whole family, really. I’m looking forward to seeing and experiencing future developments at Batuu and definitely recommend the park to any interested, would-be travelers. It’s one hell of an awesome place to visit.

Here’s an array of photos snapped with my phone during our excursion on Batuu:

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