Dorian 2019: Tomoka Marsh on Tuesday the 3rd

Shortly before I caught the outer spiral rainband at North Peninsula State Park (as documented in the previous post), I swung by a favorite stretch of salt marsh along the Tomoka Basin and Bulow Creek State Park to check out any potential flooding. This area is extremely prone to flooding — so much so a “Road May Flood Ahead” sign is permanently fixed to the shoulder. There’s nothing unusual about this stretch of road flooding.

At 11am or so, the road was preemptively blocked off — though flooding waters had not yet overtaken the road itself. Close, but not quite. More interestingly, to me at least, was the swirl of weather on the horizon(s). ELO-blue skies to the north, Cthulhuian-gray dread to the south. In the bottom picture, you can actually see the oncoming edge of the outer spiral rainband that was documented along the beach in the previous post.

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