Dorian 2019: No More Waiting in Ormond Beach

The lead photograph was taken at about 7:37 pm this evening in Ormond Beach, just as the sun was calling it a day. Now, an hour later, Hurricane Dorian’s main spiral rainbands have arrived. It’s pouring rain outside; I included a screenshot of the current spiral rainband below. It’s going to be wet and windy, intermittently from spiral rainband to spiral rainband, overnight. Hopefully, Dorian won’t have any additional westward wandering beyond its current projected track. The outer spiral rainbands are most certainly not as intense as those inner ones.

The eye should pass somewhere off our coast sometime Wednesday afternoon.  By 6pm tomorrow, it should be adjacent to St. Augustine’s coast a bit to our north. I can’t really get over how lucky Florida’s been with this storm track’s — and how catastrophically unlucky the Bahamas were. If our power goes out, I will not complain. We have been extremely lucky.



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