Video Timelapse of Northern Dusk Singing Cicada Ecdysis, 23 June 2013

Megatibicen auletes, the Northern dusk singing cicada;
Lowndes county, Georgia (23 June 2013).
Lead photograph above of same species observed on 18 June 2013.

Following the annotated photo montage from yesterday’s post, here’s another video I wrassled up during the summer of 2013. This video is actually a time-lapsed recording of another Northern dusk singing cicada undergoing its own process of ecdysis.

I shot this using my iPhone 5 propped up on a chair with some stacked books. For light, I propped up a flashlight nearby. This isn’t exactly the most graceful of recording set-ups, but it was still pretty fun on my end (perhaps less so for the cicada). I edited out some motionless passages, but you can see the time stamps at the bottom left throughout the duration of the recording. The video begins at 11:08 pm and ends at 12:19am — just over an hour later.

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