The Lyric Cicada, 19 June 2013

Neotibicen lyricen, the Lyric cicada;
Lowndes county, Georgia (19 June 2013).

In our last post, we checked out a rather frosty Northern dusk singing cicada, a big chunk of bug coasted with waxy pruinosity. In this post, we’re checking out a slightly younger cicada — one seeming to glow bright neon green, a youngster not yet pruinose. Indeed, what you see here is a freshly teneral Lyric cicada, Neotibicen lyricen, emerging on the flip-side of ecdysis from its larval to adult form. This neonic green newcomer to our world was photographed in my Valdosta backyard in June of 2013.

Another annual species, the Lyric cicada was rather abundant in this part of south Georgia, but it wasn’t quite as abundant as the slightly larger Northern dusk singing cicadas. At least not in my backyard. Further, this cream-green teneral cicada (a coloring that only lasts a few hours) tended to be brighter and more neonic than the Northern dusk singing cicadas. It was truly a gorgeous creature to observe.

Next week on Floridensis, we’ll focus a bit more on various cicadas of southern Georgia and central Florida and check out a variety of photographs (and videos) I composed of cicadas at varying stages in their life cycle.

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