The Northern Dusk Singing Cicada, 28 June 2013

Megatibicen auletes, the Northern dusk singing cicada;
Lowndes county, Georgia (28 June 2013).

One significant benefit of living in Valdosta, Georgia, for two years was being able to see (and hear) a great number of noisy Northern dusk singing cicadas (Megatibicen auletes) in my backyard each summer. This large, hefty, annual cicada species was far and away the most common in my neighborhood, and I delighted in being able to observe them throughout their life span — from their emergent teneral phase through adulthood. Each summer, we had these little behemoths doing their thing in our backyard, young and old alike.

The white “frost” you see on this individual is actually a kind of wax buildup. Once cicadas pass through their teneral phase and emerge in their winged adult form, they develop a level of pruinosity somewhat obscuring their base coloring. This frosty “dust” (so to speak) may eventually fade away as the cicada grows older — if it lives long enough. Of the annual species, the Northern dusk singing cicada can be particularly impressive in its pruinosity. This one certainly was. A true frosted flake.

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