The Second Peninsula Ribbon Snake on 17 September 2018

Thamnophis sauritus sackenii, the Peninsula ribbon snake;
Alachua county, Florida (15 September 2018).

I suppose the title of the last post (“The First Peninsula Ribbon Snake on 17 September 2018“) hinted that there might, in fact, be a second one coming up. Indeed, there was, and here it is — another lovely little ribbon.

At the time, I thought we might’ve simply caught that first ribbon once again, which does happen sometimes, but checking out the facial profile more closely, it was clearly a second individual. This isn’t really all that surprising. Whenever I find a ribbon, there’s usually more slinking about in the area. They aren’t necessarily communal, but they do seem to cluster a bit around profitable habitat. Sort of like college students hanging out near a bar that doesn’t i.d., right?

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