Fight! Two Brown Anoles Vie for the Title, 25 May 2012

Anolis sagrei, the Cuban brown anole;
Collier county, Florida (25 May 2012).

This was a fun encounter. Here we have two Cuban brown anoles, both male, tearing each other up for bragging rights, so to speak. Male Cuban brown anoles will battle each other to earn choice perching spots from which to display and attract the ladies. In a sense, this makes Cuban brown anoles sort of like drunken-college-guy stereotypes fighting over each other on Ladies Night in your local college-town bar. Rock on, anole dudes, rock on.

NOTE: I did not see any females anywhere nearby while the males tore into each other, which reminded me of Ladies Night at Bullwinkles in Tallahassee during the early 1990s. File Under: #ParForCourse.

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