The Southern House Spider, 21 October 2017

Kukulcania hibernalis, the Southern house spider;
Marion county, Florida (21 October 2017).

I feel like I might be blowing an opportunity by posting this today because I really should post it in October, right? For Halloween? People just love spiders on Halloween. Featured here are a number of Southern house spiders, Kukulcania hibernalis, photographed around an outdoor pavilion in Marion county, Florida. There were dozens upon dozens of these house spiders all over the rafters and support beams of the pavilion. It was one hell of a sight and a probably a bad place to be if you’re any other kind of arthropod.

Southern house spiders are remarkably widespread, ranging throughout much of North America and down to South America. They are also found on a number of the Caribbean isles. Fortunately, this species doesn’t really pose any kind of biological threat to people. With thanks to their creepy webbing, however, I can’t say the same about the potential of a “psychological” threat…. I love and adore spiders, but I must admit the sheer abundance of that webbing creeped me out just a wee bit. Not enough to drive me away, of course… I had a ball photographing these little beasties. I was also happy when I walked away untouched by web or by spider.

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