The 2018 4th of July Fireworks in Ormond Beach, Florida

4th of July Fireworks in Ormond Beach
Volusia county, Florida; 04 July 2018.

The Fourth of July, the American day of Independence, has long been among my favorite holidays. It’s a holiday that carries deep meaning and value in my life, and I consider Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence to be my favorite work written in the English language. It’s a reminder of the power of language and the push of rhetoric. Further, just as Thomas Jefferson was a deeply flawed human being who also carried tremendous beauty, so too do I see my nation as a collective of deeply flawed human beings who also carry within them, within us, tremendous beauty. The same applies with American history. Incredible tragedy mixed with such optimism and hope… We are flawed to be sure, but we have so much potential (if we can just find the light again).

Though the 4th of July means much, much more to me than simple BBQs, fireworks displays, and flags, I’m a sucker for the whole nine yards. Give me Thomas Jefferson’s words and an awesome fireworks display (with some fried fish), thank you very much. I do love a good fireworks show.

With that in mind, I’ll save extended political commentary on the current state of our (dis)union for some other time… Instead, let me simply share a few hand-held shots of this years’s fireworks display in Ormond Beach, Florida — my hometown and the best place to live on the planet (in my humble opinion). These photographs were taken at Cassen Park on the corner of Beach and Granada — overlooking the Halifax (Intracoastal Waterway) on Wednesday 04 July 2018.

Happy 4th, folks. Let’s try to remember the dream, the idea, of America. Then —and only then— will we find true greatness.

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