Spring Break 2018: The Brown Watersnake, 14 March 2018

Nerodia taxispilota, the Brown watersnake;
Monroe county, Florida (14 March 2018).
Series: Spring Break 2018.

At long last, we’re winding down the big Spring Break 2018 series (which took much longer to work through than I’d originally anticipated), and all we have left are a few bonus watersnakes and anoles. Of course.

Featured here is a young adult Brown watersnake, Nerodia taxispilota, spotted in the heart of Monroe county, Florida — one of many such Brown watersnakes we came across during our trip. Perhaps because this individual was still relatively young in the long run of things, it was sporting a light mocha-with-cream base coloring. A very cool pattern on this one, and Browns aren’t particularly variable with patterning (at least not as much as their cousins Nerodia fasciata). At this point, I have no idea how many Brown watersnakes I’ve observed throughout Florida, but I’m always happy to get up close and personal with them. Such an elegant design, and such a *typically* chilled demeanor!

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