Spring Break 2018: The Bark Anole

Anolis distichus, the Bark anole;
Miami-Dade county, Florida (16 March 2018).
Series: Spring Break 2018.

Though we’re not quite through with the very busy and hyper-productive first portion of Spring Break 2018 in Collier and Monroe county, let’s skip eastward to the latter portion of the break in Miami-Dade county for a few clicks. I’ve got an itch for some non-native anole action, and this little critter is just what I need. Featured here is a lovely and agile Bark anole, Anolis distichus, a species native to Hispaniola and the Bahamas. Though they’re still somewhat limited in their Florida range, Bark anoles have quietly been scratching out a living in South Florida since the 1940s or so. A trunk-ecomorph, meaning its adapted to live primarily on the “mid-range” trunk level of trees, the Bark anole has plenty of competition from above and below, from other lizard species (native and non-native alike). Understandably, Bark anoles are thus very skittish and quick to retreat around the circumference of its homestead.

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