Spring Break 2018: In Search of Gray-Dewlap Green Anoles (Part IV)

Anolis carolinensis, the Carolina green anole;
Collier county, Florida (15 March 2018).
Series: Spring Break 2018.

As we’ve seen in Parts I, II, and III, the “gray-dewlap” Green anoles of southwest Florida are quite awesome and distinctive. Gone (to a certain extent) is the pinkish dewlap, the little fold of skin under the neck, replaced instead by a muted, dark, grayish dewlap. Of note, while the Carolina green anole can change much of its body coloring from bright green to dark brown, the dewlap itself isn’t designed to change color in response to environmental or temperamental factors. The dewlap is the dewlap, and while its colors may vary within populations such as this, the colors don’t vary per individual on a a day to day basis. Whether sporting its green or brown “coat,” if you will, this Green anole features a rather dark dewlap. Check out Part I for more context to the “Gray dewlap” Green anoles of southwest Florida.

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