Spring Break 2018: Lubbers!

Romalea microptera, the Eastern lubber grasshopper;
Collier county, Florida; 15 March 2018.
Series: Spring Break 2018.

Lest we ignore and disrespect our lubber friends! Featured here is a gaggle of young Eastern lubber grasshoppers, Romalea microptera, a pesky and fairly abundant species of biggish ‘hopper. Growing upwards to two-to-three inches in length (give or take a little), Eastern lubbers can certainly be a problem for folks-with-gardens. These little dudes and dudettes can eat, eat, eat. As juveniles, they tend to be black with a thin yellow or orange dorsal stripe. As adults, they’ll take on a far brighter and more-ornate pattern of yellows, oranges, and blacks. The cluster photographed here (on a restroom wall in Big Cypress National Preserve) as, of course, juveniles. Perhaps not as impressive as a massive Cottonmouth or a non-native iguana, but, hey, they’re cute in their own right, right? 

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