Spring Break 2018: A Young Knight Anole

Anolis equestris, the Cuban knight anole;
Miami-Dade county, Florida (16 March 2018).
Series: Spring Break 2018.

One species we didn’t really find in abundance while in Miami-Dade county was the Cuban knight anole, Anolis equestris. I’m a mega-fan of this big, beefy non-native species as you’ll see if you check out the knight anole posts on this website. Though we may not have seen too many adults scampering about on this particular trip, we did manage to come across a few youngsters. I photographed this ornate and vivid juvenile trolling about some tropical foliage in the South Miami area. I almost got my hands on it for some macro-scale shots, but the wee tiny knight decided to head up, up, and away at the last possible moment. This is not uncommon in the world of Catching-Anoles-By-Hand! These are fast, agile, and reactive animals, and they usually see you coming, you big, lumbering hominid you

Anolis equestris, 16 March 2018

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