Spring Break 2018: A Big, Lazy Brown Watersnake

Nerodia taxispilota, the Brown watersnake;
Monroe county, Florida (14 March 2018).
Series: Spring Break 2018.
Uncropped image below.

Below is a simple iPhone reference shot that ended up being fairly fantastic in its way, this is a biggish Brown watersnake (Nerodia taxispilota) basking on the edge of a strand of slow-moving Big Cypress waterflow — as photographed from above, looking down. Big Cypress herp fans probably know this spot even without the context of the surrounding environment. That little limestony outcrop is often populated by at least one Brown watersnake soaking in the plenty of time. It is a fantastic basking spot, is it not? I wouldn’t mind spending a day lounging about on that (if not for all the nearby gators)…

Nerodia taxispilota, 14 March 2018

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