Spring Break 2018: A Beefy Florida Green Watersnake

 Nerodia floridana, the Florida green watersnake;
Collier county, Florida (15 March 2018).
Series: Spring Break 2018.

Following the slim, little Florida green watersnake from our previous post, here’s a significantly larger and beefier Nerodia floridana. Comparing the two sets of photographs, you can get a sense of how watersnakes tend to beef up as they age. While youngsters appear somewhat trim and slim, the adults can get proportionally more robust and downright beefy. This certainly applies to Brown watersnakes (Nerodia taxispilota) as well (if not more so).

The “catching” of this watersnake is worth sharing, I think. We found this hefty ribbon of beef basking along the edge of a canal line immediately adjacent to two other watersnakes (the previously-posted “slim” Green watersnake and a yet-to-be-posted rough-and-tumbled Brown watersnake). We weren’t sure which one to catch, so we decided to go for all three at the same time. Heh. Fortunately, it worked out to plan. With four hands between the two of us, we were able to snag all three snakes at the same time. I don’t keep such records, but if I did keep such records I think this was the first time I participated in a successful catch of three snakes representing two species caught with four hands at the same time… Maybe?

As always, it’s worth nothing that this species is (along with all of Florida’s Nerodia watersnakes) entirely non-venomous. Cottonmouths are an entirely different game.


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